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How It Works

Every Minute, On The Minute.

Last man (or woman) standing, wins.

There'll be a 5 minute break at the end of each group of exercises (every hour).
We will repeat this pattern until last man standing.
If we get through 9 hours we will host a sudden death the following saturday. To be announced.

Group 1: 55 Minutes

10 Push-ups
15 Rounds

10 Squats
15 Rounds

10 Burpees
15 Rounds

Plank Rotation
10 Rounds

Group 2: 55 Minutes

10 Mt. Climbers
15 Rounds

10 Lunges
15 Rounds

10 Crunches (knees to elbows)
15 Rounds

10 Lateral Hops
10 Rounds

Group 3: 55 Minutes

10 Tuck Jumps
15 Rounds

10 Pike Push-ups
15 Rounds

10 Lateral Lunges
15 Rounds

10 V-ups
10 Rounds

Each participant will be live on zoom, we’ll have judges watching each rep!

When we send out the zoom link, you’ll be prompted to download the app to your phone or computer. Once the event is ready to start, you can click the link to join the event.

More information here.

Last Man and Woman Standing Get

Epic Series Belts!!

Belts are reserved our most elite champions. This event will award a belt to both them men's and women's champion.


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